• This webshop is a project in process. 
  • It started as a response against – and an attempt at appropriating – capitalist logics of exploitation and manipulation.

    All the paintings on this website have been put on sale.

    • The reasons for this are manyfold. The first is to expose the cognitive marketing trick of the .99 cents, otherwise known as charm pricing, whereby the first number of the price makes a greater impression than the .99 behind it. By using non-rounded prices, I want to draw attention to/emphasize this manipulation that we’re subjected to on a daily basis. This pricing strategy remains a profitable business model for the seller at the expense of the producers, be they farmers in South America, seamstresses in Bangladesh, or Amazon factory workers. Putting my work on sale is a way to call attention to the exploitation practices behind these marketing logics. In addition, this project intends to stress the exploitation of artists by the art world, and the devaluation of art in our capitalist society as it does not produce surplus (monetary) value.
    • I chose to set new prices because this is the only way to sell my work as a non-elite artist and to make art more accessible and democratic. I have kept the original price next to the sale price; both are simply approximations however, as prices do not come close to valorizing/monetizing the emotional, cognitive and physical labor put into the creation (or, in capitalist terms, production) of these works.
    • I fully stand behind this project, for it is a means to disseminate art and an attempt to make it less of an elitist phenomena/happening/thing.
    • I’d like to think of art as positive manipulation, that which does not produce endless (capital) accumulation.
    • Art can teach us about the future, because it is always ahead of its time. Art can enrich our emotional wellbeing, because creativity is a healthy way to channel emotion. Art can serve as an experimental tool, a mirror of sorts, because it makes us question and test our beliefs. Insofar as creativity is capturing a moment in time, that which is generated through a flow experience, this creative state calls to me as a holy or otherworldly experience. Thus art could/should become our/the new religion: through abstract thinking and connection-making, it is art which comes closest to a universal language, or perhaps can initiate a departure from language itself, toward new understandings of the nature of nature and our situatedness within it.
      •   Thijs van Geloven                           

      • Line Thijs van Geloven
            • Thijs van Geloven Graduation Show Gerrit Rietveld Academy 2016 Photo by Gert-Jan van Rooij

    Part of Thijs van Geloven's
    installation at the Graduation Show
    Gerrit Rietveld academy 2016
    (photo by Gert-Jan van Rooij
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      • Biography - Thijs van Geloven - Website 2021
      •  Doodle

      • Born in Hapert (The Netherlands) on 10-05-1991.

      • Lives and works in Amsterdam


      • Sonnevelt Opleidingen — Zaltbommel 2018

      • HBO youth coach (diploma)

      • Gerrit Rietveld Academy — Amsterdam 2012 – 2016

      • HBO Bachelor of Arts in Fine Arts (diploma) 

      • Royal Academy of Art The Hague — Den Haag 2011 – 2012

      • HBO Graphic Design

      • De Eindhovense School/Sint Lucas — Eindhoven 2008 – 2011

      • MBO Graphic Design (diploma) 


      • Prize for Young Talent in Painting, Kunst aan de Dijk, Kortenhoef 2017

      • Jury-members : Johan van Oord, en de kunsthistoricus Pia van Wijnbergen en Cato Cramer

      • Fonds Kwadraat, Eindpresentatie, Gerrit Rietveld Academy July 2016


      • Mini World Champ, Museum Hilversum

      • march 2017– april 2017

      • An installation by Thijs van Geloven as part of the Kunst aan De Dijk Prijs voor Jong Talent in de schilderkunst 2017


      • Open Art Route Amsterdam Zuid-Oost, Heesterveld Creative Community, October 20 2018

      • A presentation of my work in my own studio 

      • Presence, Josilda da Conceição Gallery, March 24 – April 14, 2018

      • ART FAIRS

      • Art the Hague, Josilda da Conceição Gallery October 5th – October 9th, 2016


      • Rietveld Academie Residenz Gelschenkirchen — Gelschenkirchen, Germany 2014


      • Jury rapport Prijs voor Jong Talent in de Schilderkunst — Kunst aan de Dijk, Kortenhoef, april 2017

      • Elsevier Weekblad — Interview, talent, May 2, 2017

      • De Gooi- en Eemlander — Interview, Kunst aan de Dijk Prijs 2017, March 16, 2017

      • Vips & Friends (winter 2016) — Interview, talent prijs Kunst aan de Dijk voor Thijs van Geloven, 2017

      •  Thijs van Geloven - Gerrit Rietveld academy graduation 2016
      • Thijs van Geloven - Gerrit Rietveld academy Graduation 2016
      • Thijs van Geloven doodle logo black



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